2 Tips to Help You Find Your Birth Parents


The desire to get to know one's birth parents is not uncommon among children who have been adopted. As an adult it becomes possible for adopted children to manage the search for their birth parents themselves rather than relying on a family member to follow up on any potential leads. If you haven't had any luck identifying your birth parents in the past, here are two tips you can use to help you find the information you are looking for.

24 July 2015

Get Financially Ready For A Divorce


The signs are there, you and your husband are going to divorce. Now is the time to start preparing yourself financially. Divorce can cost thousands of dollars. The more contentious the divorce, the longer it will take and the more it will cost. Follow these tips to get ready. Make Copies of Financial Documents The next step is to make copies of all of the financial statements that you can. Make a copy of the life insurance policies, the 401(k), the bank statements and credit card statements.

21 July 2015

3 Ways A Divorce Lawyer Can Help You During Your Divorce


If you and your spouse have agreed to divorce, you may be tempted to dissolve the marriage without the help of a lawyer. However, if assets or children are involved, you need legal representation. Here are a few ways a divorce lawyer can assist you during a divorce: Filing for Custody If you and your spouse have a minor child, you may want to maintain primary custody. Yet, the custodial arrangements will be based on what's best for your youngster.

20 July 2015

Why People Sell Marital Homes During Divorce


Most divorces involve selling the family home. There may be compelling reasons for this even if you wish to keep your primary residence for the sake of the children or due to your emotional attachment to it. Some of the reasons that may compel you to sell the house include: Division of Property All marital assets must be divided during a divorce, and this includes the family's home. Since you can't physically divide a home, the available options include selling it to divide the proceeds or buying a partner's stake in the property.

14 July 2015