Why Pursue A Personal Injury Case For Burns?


Many injuries leave you with physical and emotional pain, and burns might be a type of injury you receive. In fact, burns are among the most serious injuries you can experience. A burn can leave you with more than pain and scabbing. They can send you to the hospital. But is it worth pursuing a personal injury case for those burns? Here's why it might be. Burn Injuries Are Devastating

24 May 2021

Agree Or Disagree: What To Know About Contested And Uncontested Divorces


When a couple parts ways, the way the divorce proceeds can vary widely. A number of factors dictate how contentious, lengthy, and costly a divorce ends up being. If the couple can agree on the major issues, an uncontested divorce can be relatively quick and easy way to divorce. On the other hand, a contested divorce may create a long-lasting chaotic situation for all concerned. Read on and find out more.

18 February 2021

Seeking Child Custody? Don't Make These 3 Mistakes


Are you going through a divorce and wish to retain custody of your child but your spouse is fighting it? If so, you'll likely need to go through a custody battle in court for a judge to decide who should have physical custody of the child. Here are some common mistakes people make that end up costing them custody.  Not Offering Parenting Time The judge is going to look at your behavior from before and during the divorce process to make a decision on what kind of parent you will be.

18 September 2020

Key Facts About Vehicles And Chapter 7


Being able to have nearly all your debts forgiven and making a fresh start with bankruptcy can present some consumers with an ideal solution. Unfortunately, if you file chapter 7 bankruptcy, you could be placing some of your personal property at risk. For what you need to know about vehicles and bankruptcy, read on. Liquidation Chapter – With chapter 7, your entire personal property holdings can be subject to seizure by the bankruptcy trustee.

16 June 2020

3 Types Of Experts To Consider Hiring For Your Divorce


If you and your spouse are talking about possibly getting divorced, you should both agree to take your time in this situation and get the help you need to make the right decision. As you talk about divorce and toss around the idea of it, you may want to seek help from the following three types of experts during this time. A divorce coach One good step you might want to consider taking is hiring a divorce coach.

4 November 2019

Benefits You Can Reap Through Divorce Mediation


Mediation is a method you can use in your divorce if you want; however, it is not the best option for every couple who decides to divorce. Through mediation, you can get divorced without the use of separate lawyers. Instead, you hire one person to serve as your mediator, and he or she helps you both work out a divorce agreement. If you can use this option, you will benefit in the following ways.

5 August 2019

An Overview Of Punitive Damages In Personal Injury Cases


There are three types of damages that the court might award you if you win your personal injury lawsuit. There are economic damages, non-economic damages, and punitive damages. The first two are fairly well understood, but punitive damages are still shrouded in some mystery. What It Is Unlike other damages, punitive damages are not meant to compensate an injury victim for their losses. Rather, punitive damages are meant to punish the defendant for their action or inaction and to discourage the public from similar actions.

27 May 2019