Benefits You Can Reap Through Divorce Mediation


Mediation is a method you can use in your divorce if you want; however, it is not the best option for every couple who decides to divorce. Through mediation, you can get divorced without the use of separate lawyers. Instead, you hire one person to serve as your mediator, and he or she helps you both work out a divorce agreement. If you can use this option, you will benefit in the following ways.

5 August 2019

An Overview Of Punitive Damages In Personal Injury Cases


There are three types of damages that the court might award you if you win your personal injury lawsuit. There are economic damages, non-economic damages, and punitive damages. The first two are fairly well understood, but punitive damages are still shrouded in some mystery. What It Is Unlike other damages, punitive damages are not meant to compensate an injury victim for their losses. Rather, punitive damages are meant to punish the defendant for their action or inaction and to discourage the public from similar actions.

27 May 2019

Yours, Mine, And Ours: An Inventory And Valuation Of Marital Property


If you are about to be divorced, don't make the mistake of assuming that you can keep certain items of property. Your chances of keeping property depend on a number of factors, and you can only help your case by providing your family attorney with accurate information about your belongings. Read on to find out more. What Is Marital Property, and Why Does it Matter? If you aren't careful, you could find yourself losing a valuable piece of property because you failed to properly designate it as separate.

19 March 2019

Tips For Hiring The Right Bankruptcy Attorney


If you're in a financial position where you can no longer keep up and even make minimum payments on your bills, it can be incredibly stressful and upsetting. In many situations, filing for bankruptcy may be the best option is you are in very dire financial straits. While no one wants to file for bankruptcy, doing so can bring great relief and give you a fresh start so you can move forward with your life.

29 January 2019

3 Reasons Why You Need A Divorce Lawyer Before You Sign Anything


Have you and your spouse decided that you're no longer compatible? Are the two of you thinking that your best option is going to be to get divorced? Even if you mutually agree that divorce is the best option, actually filing the paperwork can be tricky. Before you agree to sign any divorce papers, it's a good idea to consult with a lawyer first. Although everything may initially seem simple, some reasons that you'll actually want to talk to a divorce lawyer first include:

20 December 2018

Can Your Spouse Take Your Children?


When a couple plans to divorce, things can get emotional and sometimes dangerous. Anytime a child is involved, issues can take on a higher level of importance to both the parents and the law. Children deserve legal protection and many parents are unaware of their own custody rights and protections. Read on to learn more about keeping your child safe from a parental kidnapping. Parental Rights Some parents mistakenly believe that they can remove children from a situation and do whatever they wish with them.

24 October 2018

Three Things A Man Should Know When Accused Of Being The Father Of A Child


Hearing a woman tell you that she is pregnant and you're the father of the child is likely to come as a shock. Some men immediately slip into denial while others may be ready to take full responsibility. And of course, there is a lot of thinking that falls in between. If you ever find yourself in this situation, there are a few things you need to be aware of.

12 September 2018

Divorce Timing To Coincide With Upcoming Changes In Alimony Taxation


Marriages are like partnerships, with each partner making different contributions to the marriage. If a divorce occurs, the couple must then work through the arduous task of dividing assets and settling financial obligations. If you are expecting the receipt of alimony from a divorce, a change in the tax law is likely to affect your strategy of how and when to seek alimony. You also want to consider hiring an attorney from a firm such as http://www.

19 July 2018

Easier Than You Think: Revocable Trusts


If you are creating an estate plan, you might be not be doing yourself any favors if you don't go beyond the will. While a will is an irreplaceable and a vital part of your total estate plan, a revocable trust can work in tandem with a will to make a complete plan. Read on to learn how surprisingly easy this form of estate planning can be. What is a revocable trust?

20 May 2018

Getting Divorced? Know How To Make Special Events Go Smoothly


Sharing child custody can be tough when a birthday or holiday comes up. It may be hard at first to deal with them, but it does get easier over the years. Here are a few ways to make celebrating special events go smoothly for everyone involves. Come Up With A Formal Agreement During the divorce process, it will help to decide on a formal agreement between you and your spouse about how special events will be celebrated after the divorce.

14 February 2018