Why Hire A Personal Injury Attorney For Your Birth Injury


A birth injury can occur when a mother is delivering a baby. Perhaps the baby got injured during delivery, or the mother experienced more than normal tearing or other injuries during the delivery process. A birth injury should be taken seriously and even if a hospital has taken responsibility for what has happened and has made things right and paid for your medical costs, you may still need to be compensated for your care. 

On the other hand, a birth injury is also likely to result in just an injury and no real compensation at all. Hospitals are highly protected by malpractice attorneys for both their business and the doctors and other staff that work in the facilities. Doctors who deliver babies and work in other areas of the hospital are also likely to have malpractice attorneys as well. This means that if you have a birth injury, you are going to have to have a legal battle on your hands to prove what happened, why it happened, and who or what entity is at fault.

Don't just accept that things are the way they are and you have been fully compensated or won't be compensated at all for your birth injury. Yes, accidents happen, but you may have a case that can give you more fair compensation. You have rights, and a personal injury attorney can help you.

Here are reasons to hire a personal injury attorney for your birth injury.

They can help you navigate your claim

As soon as you have a birth injury or have concerns over your health or the health of your baby following birth, have a personal injury attorney start working on your behalf. These professionals help you navigate the way the legal process works when it comes to medical care and responsibility and they will be the ones speaking with the hospital staff, their legal aides, and other people to help you navigate your claim.

They can help you determine if you have a case

Are you unsure if you have rights following a birth injury? Are you worried that you may have let too much time pass to say anything, or that you have given your rights away by signing paperwork? Have you noticed something wrong with your baby or yourself months after birth and think there may have been a birth injury to cause the issue?

Your personal injury attorney can help you get to the root of the issue and create a claim for you if they feel you have a case. Learn your rights today.


22 February 2023

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