Going Through The Big "D" In Dallas: Texas Divorce Laws That Could Apply To You


There may be a song about it, but the truth is, divorce is a real possibility if you live in the city of Dallas. The two primary metropolitan areas of Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston see marriages dissolve more often than any other city of sizable comparison, according to a report from the New York Times. If you happen to be one of the individuals considering divorce and you live in the great state of Texas, there are a few divorce laws that could come into play.

10 August 2016

Can You Win Custody Of A Younger Sibling?


When both parents of a child have passed away, the responsibility for raising the child usually falls to family members. In some cases, the family member could be a young adult sibling. If the parents did not specify who should have custody of the child and other family members are opposed to the sibling having the child, a court battle could ensue.. If you are the older sibling, whether or not you are successful depends on several factors.

11 May 2016

Don't Make One Of These Mistakes In Your Divorce Case


When going through a divorce and child custody case, it can be hard to keep your emotions in check. You end up saying things that you should have kept to yourself and doing things that never should have been done in the first place. All of these things could end up making the situation worse for you and your case. To ensure the best possible outcome, make sure you don't make one of these crucial mistakes.

16 February 2016

3 Ways Your Divorcing Spouse Could Be Hiding Assets From You


Ideally, when a couple divorces, both spouses would be honest about their assets so that the courts can equally divide them. Unfortunately, this does not always happen. If you suspect that your spouse is hiding assets, it is important to carefully consider where to look for them. To help get you started in your search, here are some possible ways your spouse could be hiding assets. Transferring to a Friend or Family's Accounts

3 January 2016