Getting Divorced? Know How To Make Special Events Go Smoothly


Sharing child custody can be tough when a birthday or holiday comes up. It may be hard at first to deal with them, but it does get easier over the years. Here are a few ways to make celebrating special events go smoothly for everyone involves.

Come Up With A Formal Agreement

During the divorce process, it will help to decide on a formal agreement between you and your spouse about how special events will be celebrated after the divorce. For example, if one parent wants to travel with the child to visit their family for Christmas day, then you can make a compromise so that the child stays with the other parent during Thanksgiving. Negotiating these things in advance will help ensure that there is not a surprise when the holiday comes around.

Plan To Be Together For Big Events

You should also plan to have both parents be together for big events, like birthdays. As tough as it may be for both parents, it helps to host a birthday party in a neutral location so it is not at either parent's home. For instance, you can pick a restaurant, a park, or even rent a room at a venue where there can be other activities.

Your child will appreciate having both parents with them for big events during the year, even if you are separated for others.

Always Keep Promises

It is important that both parents do not back out of these holiday and special events because they are fighting with their former spouse. If you've made a promise to your child to attend a special event, be sure to do so no matter what.

Start Brand New Traditions

If you are not going to be with your child on the actual day of a holiday, it can be an opportunity to start a brand new tradition with your child on a day that you do see them. For example, if the child always visits the grandparents of your former spouse on Christmas day, make a tradition with your child to get your Christmas tree with them. This will give them something to look forward to doing with you that doesn't take place on the holiday itself. These are also traditions that will make memories for years to come.

Celebrate Twice

Don't be afraid to have two separate celebrations. If you do not have custody for Thanksgiving day, that's perfectly okay. You can always celebrate a second Thanksgiving with them at some point during the weekend.

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14 February 2018

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