Innocent Mistakes You Should Avoid In Divorce Court


If your divorce proceedings will be heading to court, this can turn an already stressful situation into something that can almost feel insurmountable. With emotions running high, it can be easy to falter and make some common mistakes in court. Here are four mistakes you should try your best to avoid during your day in court.

1. Don't Get Distracted in Court

Don't let anything get you distracted the morning of your court case. Have your ride secured and try to get to court early so you can meet with your divorce lawyer ahead of time. Have your cell phone off and don't bring along kids or family members that might be more of a distraction than a help while you are in court.

2. Don't Bring Your New Date

You might feel like you need emotional support going into a divorce hearing, but it might not be the best idea to get this from your new significant other. While divorce proceedings can continue long after a break up, if you have moved on in your love life you don't need to flaunt this in court. This will make you look like you aren't taking the process seriously or that you might be trying to upset your ex.

3. Don't Get Angry

Being asked to talk about your ex-spouse and the reasons behind a divorce can be emotional, but court is no time to get upset. There might be arguments that your ex-spouse brings to the table that might make you angry or are inaccurate. Make sure to take a few breaths, stick to the facts, and try to remain unfazed. Losing your cool in court will only reflect badly on your part so try your best to avoid this if at all possible.

4. Don't Show Up Unprepared

Divorce court can be emotional, but your feelings aren't what are going to be what the judge uses for determining outcomes. It is important that you show up to court prepared with factual evidence on any claims that can backup your requests for alimony or child support. You might have a lot to say about your ex-spouse and their behavior, but real examples that directly tie in with your arguments are a must for court.

Divorce is serious, and divorce court must be handled professionally. Make sure that you prepare for court your lawyer and try your best not to make common mistakes along the way. What is decided on in divorce court is often considered the final say and will be hard to change in the future. Do yourself a favor and get through your divorce proceedings as calmly and with as little waves as possible so you can make a good impression and get on with your life. For more information, consult with your divorce attorney.


13 October 2015

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